Moonlight and Golden Sun

109 pages
15 x 18,5 cm, 2007
ISBN: 978-2-923438-13-9
Prix: 18,95 $ (CAN)

Holder of a master’s degree in communication sciences from the University of Montreal, as well as a BA from the University of Dakar, Yves Alavo has accumulated, over the years, a long experience of writing and journalism in Senegal, France and Canada. Currently working at the Social Diversity Branch of the City of Montreal, Yves Alavo is also, among others, a founding member of the International Festival of African and Creole Films Vues d’Afrique.

Built in two parts, Blue Moon and Golden Sun offers two complementary rays focused on poetry and music, two vital moments, the sedentary and the nomad, two essential projects, reflection and action. Africa is very present, but also Montreal and the Estrie countryside. The woman, the love, the beauty, the sensuality are celebrated there in a sumptuous way, but the themes of the injustice, the intolerance, the servitude and the suffering also enamel this sensitive hymn to the life, to the freedom, passion and healthy creative madness.
The suave and tonic verb of this generous poet will please all those who appreciate a certain vigor in poetry. The momentum that one receives from this reading nourishes and comforts the soul.
GORÉE arises
Witch Island and Spiritual Lighthouse.
On the eternal dial
At the time of human reconciliation.