The wound that awakens

216 pages
15 x 21,5 cm, 2007
ISBN: 978-2-923438-20-7
Prix: 22,95 $ (CAN)

Practicing as an astrologer in Quebec for twenty years, Renée Lebeuf teaches courses, conferences and seminars in Canada and France and signs articles for magazines, including the magazine Vivre. This is the third work of the author who, after The Black Moon, interpreter of the original node became a reference in the field, signed last year at Christian Feuillette editor the masterpiece entitled The great astrological rhythms of humanity.

The author offers in this book a striking insight into the influence of this small asteroid between Saturn and Uranus, which has only been discovered for thirty years. In addition to the astrological dimension, is presented the mythical and archetypal aspect of the centaur Chiron, creature at once animal, human and divine, symbolizing the passage from an old world to a new world. The myth of Chiron represents for humanity a real rite of passage that can help it through the serious environmental crisis that threatens it.
This book is even more expected from the public concerned that there are very few books on the subject. Chiron – the awakening wound will arouse the interest not only of all those interested in astrology but also of those who hope and believe in the regenerative capacity of humanity and in the advent of “the new man “.
Chiron the wise, the healer, is also the one who, suffering from a fatal wound, agrees to move to another state and thus access immortality. He is a model and a symbol of compassion, surpassment and resilience.