132 pages
13,5 x 20 cm, 2007
ISBN: 978-2-923438-10-8
Prix: 18,95 $ (CAN)

After Mikado, whose stories were in Japan, Andrée Gagné offers us, in this second collection of short stories, a very personal vision of the Montreal universe. Holder of a master’s degree in creative writing Uqàm, the author lives in Montreal on the Plateau Mont-Royal, where takes place the action of most of the stories componentEaux-valves.

Grouped into three “basins” (ebb tides, rainwater, troubled waters), these eight stories feature characters facing both serious psychological distortions, and several contemporary issues. In Léa, a teenager out of society, bogged down in a cycle of drugs, prostitution and suicide. The university professor, Mr. Baron, exercises in Silver Shadow, a direction of fatal possession with regard to his wife; As for Adrien, in The Guru, he never really escaped the influence of his master …. The news of this collection will not fail to seduce fans of the genre. Escape or depression, murder or suicide have a catharsis function for the characters as well as for the author and the readers. This set treated with audacity, humor and sense of suspense illustrates well the powerful alchemy of liberating writing.
“Everything was irremediably opaque. Her eyes were trying to make their way into the sky, but the white blanket was tightening, densifying … Holly would have wanted to pierce that sky, to find a hole where to slide the hand. Capture a ray of day, let in the cry of the birds. “