Here, everything fades

100 pages
15 x 18,5 cm, 2007
ISBN: 978-2-923438-12-2
Prix: 18,95 $ (CAN)

A painter by training, Danyelle Morin co-founded some twenty years ago, and still runs, the FĂ©lix Literary Camp, a cultural organization located in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, whose mandate is to promote development. of Quebec literary talent. After several participations in haiku collectives and a first collection of poetry, entitled Cante Jondo published in 2003 by Editions David, Danyelle Morin here signs a work in two parts, On the edge of silence and Here, everything fades.

Exploring themes that are dear to her, solitude in love, time and memory, but also nature and everyday objects and moments, Danyelle Morin continues in her writing a patient work of purification and carving so, she says, “Let every word be heard as much in song as in silence.”
A sweet nostalgia emerges from these perfectly chiseled poems, where not a single word is too much, like a cello melody or a mist wandering the river. The pain, assumed, is transfigured into sheer beauty, to the delight of lovers of true poetry.
Aging and dying
in the eyes of others