Journey to the bottom of a mother

117 pages
15 x 18,5 cm, 2006
ISBN: 2-923438-08-6
Prix: 18,95 $ (CAN)

Actress and photographer, Anne-Marie Labelle has signed two works of social character enhanced with photos, which are the subject of traveling exhibitions, Scenes of life combined (Men and Women). Journey to the bottom of a mother is her first collection of poetry.

In this “diary” of poems, haikus and photos, the author, a mid-40-year-old, talks about her desire for motherhood. Through an experiment of artificial insemination, taking place over a period of six months. she reveals her moods on the lookout for her body and everything around her that becomes a resonance to childhood and fertility.

With a great delicacy, this collection evokes the hopes and anxieties of the solitary journey of a mother in the making, exploring the different alternatives available to her, until the international adoption. He will know how to touch the many people who live in a similar situation today. This original and well balanced set will also appeal to artists souls and to more and more haiku lovers:
Haiti or Vietnam
girl or boy
stretch the heart