The Titan War, Volume I
The choice of Selenæ

286 pages
15 x 21,5 cm, 2007
ISBN: 978-2-923438-17-7
Prix: 19,95 $ (CAN)

The Titan War, Volume I
The choice of SelenæAyant published in 2006, at the age of 16, her first novel The Devil’s Island (novel), which she had started at the age of eleven, Miruna Tarcau is a writer as talented as early. Passionate about reading, she has been developing for more than six years a fantastic saga concept that is also a fable about the war. As a result of trips to Italy and Greece and a great deal of research on ancient history, Miruna has acquired the ability to develop her ideas and structure her imagination.

The choice of Selenæ, the first part of the saga The Titan Wars, tells the story of a war of power, insurrection and freedom where there is neither good nor bad side. Shared between two camps, that of his sister Éanélès, who is also that of the gods of Olympus as well as the Titans, and that of the chief of Hell, his father Hel, whom she has never known, Selenæ is confronted with a cruel choice. Who will she betray? With the only help of her legendary sword, she discovers the fear of death through her journey into the Fourth Dimension, that of mortals. On it rests all the survival of a world …
Aimed at the public of teenagers and young adults, this fantastic story stands out from other medieval sagas or magicians. The plot unfolds in many dimensions of our Earth, and crosses several eras, from ancient times to the present day, when the famous war, the Titan war, forces every human being to choose his side. Who to take sides with? The dimensions separate; enemies always have to rally to survive …

Here, no main character. All are heroes.