Joshua’s Light

192 pages
15 x 20 cm, 2006
ISBN: 2-923438-11-6
Prix: 22,95 $ (CAN)

Always with the same charisma, Marjolaine Caron, this “messenger of the hereafter”, transmits to us in this new work the light of her teaching through the magic of writing.

After the initiation to his mediumistic gifts, recounted in the “Little Book” covering the first two cycles of his existence, Joshua’s Light brings the young man into the age of maturity. Together with his discovery of love, the meaning of his mission becomes clear: that of a messenger and a “soul-buster”. Like a lighthouse, the light it radiates guides people towards the path of their personal evolution, on earth as in the hereafter. Around its magnetic presence will crystallize a powerful network of light workers.

The love and awareness that Marjolaine Caron knows infuse in her clear and living words allows us to relive emotions often deeply buried, and thus opens the path to inner healing.
You can read online chapter 14 of Joshua’s Light,
“The Crystal Bridge”, by clicking on the icon below: