The other voice

184 pages
13,5 x 20 cm, 2006
ISBN: 2-923438-06-X
Prix: 22,95 $ (CAN)

After One Day Dawn, Life to Death, Dizziness, The Anonymous Being and The Country Beyond, whose story also takes place in India, where she made many stays, Xaviere Senechal offers an original introspection where fiction and reality mix. It is the “character” who, taking possession of the story, dissects, criticizes and analyzes the course and the course of the author. Throughout the confidences made at the whim of a daily newspaper in Pondicherry, South India, the voice of the character – the other voice – embodies an uncompromising double, an echo of a wider consciousness that forces it to be pursued. search for its own truth, despite the vicissitudes of existence.

Remarkably well written, this dialogue between the author and this other inner voice is most moving. The evocations of the smells, colors and sounds of the city of Pondicherry are quite successful. After Yvon Rivard’s The Silences of the Raven, Made in Auroville by Monique Patenaude, and many others, this little corner of ancient French India definitely plays a special role in the imagination of Quebec literature.