What if the lobster woke up

313 pages
14,5 x 20 cm, 2006
ISBN: 2-923438-04-3
Prix: 24,95 $ (CAN)

This novel, written with verve and rich in twists, is a true saga of a Quebec family of Gasp├ęsie. The illusions, the psychological misery but also the vitality and the hope are here at the rendezvous. Four characters, a story: that of Muriel, whose flight equals salvation. The events of his life, described in diary form, trace a tumultuous journey of unusual emotions, questioning and unconditional confidence in the human race. It’s an angel watching over Muriel despite the fact that the lobster did not wake up ….

And if the lobster had woken up is a reality book that, by painting a spicy portrait of the Quebec society of the 70s-80s, addresses many existential questions on the family and the emotional manipulation, the search for happiness and betrayal , exile and especially forgiveness, in simple words where humor and tenderness remove all melancholy from the story.